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About Maja Cunningham

I grew up in former Yugoslavia and moved to the United States in 2000 as a war refugee. Here, I studied architecture, then recently began to create my own art while working as a full-time mother to my three-year-old son Jack. Linella was born when Jack was born. Becoming a mother made me realize my (second) biggest dream of all: venturing into the art world. With almost two decades of either studying or working within the architectural industry, I made the difficult yet not so difficult decision to switch fields. 

The joys of rediscovery and the daily storytelling that comes with being a mother to a very curious boy, seem to always find their way to my work. Each piece has a memory attached to it, a story or multiple stories combined into one.  As a child war refugee I used imagination to create stories and wrap myself in them. As an architect same imagination created magical spaces. As a mother I became someone new and all the stories magically produced these images that I am sharing with you. They are production of time, memories but mostly the greatest and most unconditional of loves.